Personalized Campaigns

Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. Why?
Because text messages are conversational & create relationships. And at TextToHire, we help you build these personal relationships with more candidates & customers.
Message Templates
Leverage preprogrammed templates to launch SMS campaigns.
Emojis & Signatures
Create SMS campaigns with personalized Emojis & Signatures.
Message Tracking
Track the campaign responses from a single location.
Customize Communications
TextToHire comes with completely customizable SMS templates designed to increase client & candidate engagement.
  • Modify & Customize Messages
    Modify existing SMS templates & tailor the messages to your needs so you're sending messages truly written by you.
  • Free SMS Message Templates
    Optimize response rates with templates designed to help recruiters increase client & candidate engagement.
  • Personalize with Emojis & Signatures
    Spice up your communications with personalized signatures & emojis so your communications are conversational & effective.
  • Send Information from your ATS
    With merge fields & drag and drop capabilities, directly link to job postings, candidate information, & more in your texts.
Ready to Sign Up for a Faster Communication Workflow?
Get a hold of your contacts 10x faster with TextToHire's integrated SMS platform.
Use Built-In Campaigns & Create Your Own
Personalize texting for your business. With TextToHire, you can create reusable text messages templates & share them across teams.
  • Generate Distribution Lists
    Automatically generate distribution lists for your campaigns based on skill set, work experience, & more.
  • Use Templates Specific to Recipient Type
    Easily filter through the platform's preprogrammed template based on whether you're texting a client, candidate, consultant or lead.
  • Programmed SMS Campaigns
    Immediately begin sustained outreach by using TextToHire's preprogrammed SMS marketing & outreach campaigns.
Organize & Track Messages
Streamline company-wide communication efforts from within the TextToHire platform.
  • Share Templates Across Teams
    Systemize your outreach efforts & share SMS message templates across teams for a consistent business strategy.
  • Track All Messages from One Dashboard
    Keep track of all received messages from a single location, so you don't waste time searching through multiple threads.
  • Directly Schedule Meetings
    Send calendar availability through texts & schedule meetings directly within the platform.
Engage Candidates & Clients with Real Conversations
Introduce conversations into your engagement strategy.
60% of consumers tend to have a positive impression of companies that use text messages to contact them. That means candidates & clients alike are more likely to engage with you via SMS than email or cold calling. By harnessing the power of personalized messaging campaigns, you're attracting your prospects with real conversation. And real conversations mean better client & candidate engagement, and better business.
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